About us?

 We are a group of people who came up with a wonderful idea to create a "Social Network" of memes, in order to entertain users, where each one can upload their own memes.

 Is there any risk of registering?

No, there is no risk. All your information is stored in our database in an encrypted way.

 I found out that I can generate money with my memes, is that true?

Of course it's true! You only have to meet certain requirements to be able to earn money with your memes.

How can I make money with my memes?

Very easy! At the moment, we are only integrating a form to generate income. The best weekly memes, monthly, will get a certain amount of money for these memes.

Soon it will be including an automatic system that pays you for the "likes" in the images.

 What are the requirements to generate income?

They are very simple requirements. They are the following:

  •  That the meme / image be 100% original yours.
  •  It must contain your own brand of water.
  •  It must contain the watermark of the social network.

Ready, they are all.

 In case of seeing two identical images, the image that has been uploaded will be taken first.

Which is the method of payment?

At the moment we only have the Paypal payment method. If your meme turns out to be in the TOP, you will be contacted via email requesting your Paypal email.

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